Viandas Food


Viandas Food marks a dramatic shift in the way food is prepared, cooked and served in schools. We believe serving food should be about supporting the health of the student, yet our vision brings us above and beyond well-balanced meals. Our continuing promise to develop full flavor, low-calorie food designed to fulfill dietary needs is the cornerstone of Viandas Food cooking.


We established our company in 2009 with the philosophy to serve fresh, balanced meals, cooked and prepared on-site. To create a better dietary environment for our schools, retirement homes and workplace cafeterias.

​With our culinary and cafeteria management experience of more than 25 years in the industry, we fully embrace the cultural and health benefits of recipes from around the world. We are in constant pursuit of culinary excellence.

Our staff is highly dedicated, committed to our costumers, and involved in the daily development of new recipes. Viandas Food’s goal is to maintain leadership in providing nutritionally balanced meals and helping your organization encourage good eating habits.

Walter Bermudez