Contact Us and FAQ

How Do I Create an Account?

To create a new account, start here.

Is There an App to View My Account?

There’s an app for that! It is available on Apple and Android devices.
Learn more at MySchoolAccounts –


Kindergarten Online Ordering

Click here for online ordering.

How Do I Create a Restriction On My Child’s Account?

Email with the restriction you would like to place. A picture of the restriction will be included in the response, confirming it has been implemented.

We recommend reviewing our prices before suggesting a certain spending limit. A proper meal with milk or water is approximately $5.50 to $6.50 if you choose to set a limit.

You may also limit specific items, such as snacks, desserts, and special drinks.

Where Do I Find the Menus?

We have a Meal of the Day Schedule. 
For a monthly schedule:
Westlake AcademyWestlake Cafe Menu

When Is Food Served?

Lunch is available during scheduled lunchtimes.
On half days, we are closed, and no food is served.

What Does the Meal of the Day Include?

Each Meal of the Day includes the entree, up to 2 sides, and a salad. In order to encourage serving balanced meals, we do not substitute items. For example, asking for double mac and cheese instead of the planned mac and cheese with a side of vegetables. 

What Are the Staple Items?

Every full school day, the meal of the day, fresh fish, grilled chicken, one special, and a sandwich with fruit are available for purchase.

How Do You Address Nut Allergies?

We do not use, cook, or sell any products containing nuts.

How Do You Address Other Allergies?

Although we may have options available, we highly recommend students with other allergies, such as a gluten allergy, bring their own lunch for their safety.

Do You Have Vegetarian/Vegan Options?

We do not have specific vegetarian or vegan options, but there is always a salad bar available and items that can be easily modified to fit your child’s dietary needs. We recommend bringing your own lunch, but we are happy to discuss dietary needs on an individual basis. Please get in touch with

How Are the Meal Specials Charged?

They are based on our menu prices and will appear on your activity report with their specific name.

What is the K-12 Lunch Charge on My Account?

That is the Meal of the Day or meals found on our ​calendar menus

When Are My Payments Posted?

When money is added to your child’s lunch account, it will be posted after midnight. 

What Happens If My Account is Negative?

A balanced meal is always available for purchase, but all other items, such as snacks, special drinks, and desserts, will not be available for purchase.